Tips to Dig without Damage

Spring is well and truly here! 

We are emerging out of our sitting rooms into the spring air after this long cold winter. And not only did we take a beating, so did our gardens. 

Tending to our  gardens  to get them “back” in shape can back pain. Digging, lifting and repetitive bending can cause discomfort in your back but it doesn’t have to be that way.  

Read our 5 tips to help reduce back pain during & after gardening:

  1. Bend your knees:  It might sound old school or something you don’t need to be reminded of, but we all forget from time to time.  Bend your knees if you’re going to pick something up, pull something out of the ground or put something down. 
  2. Kneel down:  if you’re going to be working in the same position for a time, you would be wise to kneel down to down to do the work. Keep your core muscles
  3. Get Help: A lot of gardening equipment can be really heavy. Don’t be a hero; the plants won’t thank you for it. Get someone to help you move or carry heavy loads
  4. Stabilise before you start:  I watched my dad over the years make home-made standing platforms with a plank of wood and two step ladders.  He’d then stand on the plank and cut the 15 foot hedge from that. He was lucky that he never fell off. Don’t take the risk; get proper equipment to work from especially if you’re standing up on it working.  If you fell, it could be more that back ache you’re dealing with, and would the hedge have been worth it?
  5. Stretch!  Check out our Monday movement this week for stretches to help if you do suffer with lower back pain after your day in the garden! 

If you over-do it or suffer from chronic pain that stops you gardening, make an appointment with one of our qualified Physical Therapists to start your journey to pain free movement. 

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