Looking after your mental health
I've been using this phrase about mental health for well over a year now, 'fix your own oxygen mask first'.  I'm not entirely sure where I heard it first, but it definitely spoke to me.  The more I find myself saying it to people, the more I realise that there a lot of people out there who put everyone else, everything else and everyone else' needs and requirements ahead of there owns, sometimes to the detriment of their own mental health.  Why?  Clearly, we have a feeling that the world in… Read More
Many women have experienced the effects of the weakening of the pelvic floor, whether they have had children or not. It’s just not something we like to talk about but, for some, incontinence is part of life. So let’s take a minute to de-mystify this topic and see what we can do about it. The pelvic floor is a layer of muscles which connects the base of the pelvis bones in women and men. This muscle group supports the pelvic organs and stabilises your hips.  Everyone can suffer the… Read More
Most people have heard of Pilates and lots of people practice the Pilates method weekly. Lots of people who have heard about it, have done so because their physio or physical therapist or primary health care provider has recommended that they take it up to help with some sort of back or other physical pain they are experiencing, but do you really know what pilates is all about?  Here’s a very brief history and evolution of Pilates.  Pilates was the invention of a German man named Joseph… Read More
Are you’re running in your first race or charity event at the weekend? Here are 5 top tips to help you recover from your 5 or 10k run, jalk or walk! The first defence against muscle soreness, fatigue or even repetitive injury from your run is to be prepared! Make sure you’ve put some miles in the legs before hitting the races at the weekend.  If this is your first event and you’ve never done this distance take your time. It’s easy to be swept up in the adrenaline of the day and boom, you can… Read More
Spring is well and truly here!  We are emerging out of our sitting rooms into the spring air after this long cold winter. And not only did we take a beating, so did our gardens.  Tending to our  gardens  to get them “back” in shape can back pain. Digging, lifting and repetitive bending can cause discomfort in your back but it doesn’t have to be that way.   Read our 5 tips to help reduce back pain during & after gardening: Bend your knees:  It might sound old school or something you don’… Read More
With the weekend that’s in it, many Irish are talking about a different kind of Bar but here’s 5 reasons to kick off your shoes and try out our Barre!   Firstly, what is Barre? Barre exercises primarily utilise your own bodyweight as a source of resistance through incorporating aspects of Yoga, Pilates, and Ballet movements. Regular Total Barre practice is associated with lower body-fat and a leaner, more defined figure.   If we’ve piqued your interest, keep reading to find out what you… Read More

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