Oh God!  It's that time of year again.  Have you made your 'New Years Resolution'?  Have you jumped on the resolution band wagon??  What have you resolved to do??  If you manage to keep your resolution and change your life for the better then I applaud you.  I found that at this time of year people make resolutions without perhaps giving them much thought.  Specifically, they don't think of the 'why'. 'Why do I really want to do this?' Without this thought, people simply jump on the wagon and… Read More
I know, we're all trying to get our heads around why sugar is being demonised lately.  I have no real problem with sugar (eaten as part of a monitored nutrition plan) but my god did I get a shock this weekend when I was making chocolate treats with my daughter! I don't eat a whole lot of sugar in my daily nutrition.  When I started cleaning up my diet a number of years ago it just naturally got phased out.  I do still each chocolate, and cakes and other sweet treats, but nowadays they are a… Read More
Splitting your pants on the last day of your holidays, (see photo with green circle) is one clear sign from the universe that you need to get back to training.  After getting married in, and living it up on holidays in France for two weeks, and wearing my favourite holiday top (#je commence  demain), tomorrow has finally arrived.  It is time to get back too it.  While I haven't darkened the scales yet, and have no intention on doing so until at least Thursday, I always weigh myself on a… Read More
Why Pilates can help keep you injury free.
For many of us, the combination of a modern sedentary lifestyle and long hours in the workplace spent sitting in front of a computer leads to slouching and poor posture. This in turn disengages the deep abdominals, causing these muscles to weaken, causing postural dysfunction and eventually pain & injury. According to running bio-mechanics expert Dr Michael Fredericson, of Stanford University, approximately 90% of runners have very weak abdominals. These intrinsic weaknesses’ may lead to… Read More
As I walked from the studio today, a balmy 16 degree heat washed over me and I thought finally the winter is coming to an end. I started to overheat on my trot back to the car, and I thought I could maybe start thinking about losing some of my 6 layers of clothes I wear in the studio!  I thought at last we can start looking forward to getting in out in the sun to soak up some much needed vitamin D.  At last  we get to shed the winter clothes and wear something fresh and sleeveless maybe.  Wait… Read More
By Karen Murray
Another January has rolled around and rolled by.  Are you are fed up looking at the scales going only one way, still? Are you sick and tired of squeezing into your ‘comfortable’ pair of jeans which were loose at one stage? Do you find yourself out of breath just by climbing up the stairs….. If you are relating to any of this then 2017 is the year to make that change and invest in your health and wellbeing. The one thing about wanting to lose weight that can be self-destructive and demoralising… Read More

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