How to Get Started

Seize the day! Now is the new later

Getting started with us is easy and you have options!

Option 1

If you have no injury concerns and would like to do a trial class in Reformer or Barre click the appropriate button below and book yourself into a class.

Option 2

If you have injury concerns or have a few niggles that you're not entirely sure about fill in the contact request form to the right and we'll call you.  We can chat through what is going on for you and help guide you to the best starting point.

Option 3

If you'd prefer to talk to us you can call or email us.  01-505-4584,

Option 4

If you're ready to get going and you are sure Reformer Pilates and or Barre is for you.

You can either purchase a DD membership option or a class pack. 

You should call or email us with this great news, and we'll get you set up with an online account and get you set up with all you'll need to know.


FYI: Memberships range from €76 - €252 per month and come with a host of benefits including a free consultation and home care plans if needed, free nutritional guidance and more!

Class packs come in 24, 36, 48 (our most popular pack) 72 & 96 class packs and have expiry dates of 7-13 months (T&C's apply).

DD options are our most popular option, please get in touch and we'll set you up in person or over the phone. (T&C's apply).

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