Postnatal Essentials for Pilates and Fitness Professionals

Learn about the most common issues faced by your postnatal clients, how to train them safely and when to refer them to a specialist so that you can grow your confidence and clientele! 


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Delivered by:
– Leah Bryans B.Sc. Chartered Physiotherapist & Specialist in Women’s Health Physiotherapy & Pilates Professional

– Eleanor Finn, MIAPT Coru Reg. Physical Therapist & Pilates Professional

What you will learn:

– Learn how to effectively screen your post-natal clients
– Learn what those results mean
– Learn when to refer your client to a specialist
– Refresh your pelvic anatomy
– Learn about the pelvic changes during pregnancy
– Learn about common dysfunctions and pain experienced by some post-natal women
– Learn about DRAM and how to being training a client with it
– Learn about the golden 5 P’s
– Learn exercise principles particularly helpful for your postnatal client


PLUS these Extras!

– IAP explained and its importance
– Pilates based exercise programs to get you started with your post-natal client
– Progressions suitable to get your client exercising safely
– Private Facebook group to get your questions answered and connect with other students on this course

How it will payoff:

– Be confident when starting a training programme with a Postnatal client
– Know when someone is displaying symptoms that need specialist attention
– Grow your post-natal client base and have clients coming back to you for years AND referring their friends
– Be the go-to post-natal fitness professional in your area

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