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Pilates Conditioning

Low impact, high intensity conditioning.

Pilates Conditioning

Our clients love our conditioning class. It’s low impact, but high in intensity making it great for people who are looking to get a sweat on, but reduce wear and tear being caused by high impact activities. The muscle burn you get in the class is surprising for most, so the best way to find out how it feels is to try one. This class is suitable for everyone as long as you’re in good health, have no major injury concerns and are not pregnant. * please see our note on pregnancy on the online class page. We use some small equipment for this class, but we always give alternatives that you can find in any home. Options for the exercises are given, but always work with your body, never work through pain and stop if in doubt.

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Treatments are provided by CORU registered therapists and approved by all major health insurance providers in Ireland.
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