Post Natal Pilates

Our Postnatal classes are run in 6 or 8 week courses. 

Take time for yourself after childbirth to reconnect and rebuild yourself in a safe calm environment.  After having a baby it’s important to get to know your new body. Pilates is the best way to do this. 

Regular Pilates can help women to feel and look their best. Post Natal Pilates is all about healing, reconnecting, re-stabilising and re-strengthening, while simultaneously keeping at bay many postnatal related issues such as back pain and incontinence. 

A Pilates background is not required to participate in this course. Pregnancy and birth is hard on your body, affecting pelvic tone and abdominal strength, Post Natal Pilates is a system of exercises specifically designed to address this. Engaging your core muscles of the pelvic floor and deep abdomen during Pilates exercises, is a great way of developing tone again.

Regular Pilates practice also helps your body to recover and get back into shape after pregnancy. Learn how to exercise safely after childbirth and help your body regain its pre-pregnancy figure by toning your tummy, back, arms and legs with Post Natal Pilates exercises.

All courses must be prepaid: Course classes are non transferable & non refundable. 

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We also work with postnatal women in a private setting. Please book a consultation if you believe private training is the best option for you.

Approved by all major health insurance

Treatments are provided by CORU registered therapists and approved by all major health insurance providers in Ireland.

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