Pre Natal Pilates

Pilates is one of the best exercises for women to do before, throughout and after a pregnancy. Regular Pregnancy Pilates throughout and after birth can help you feel and look your best, while simultaneously keeping at bay many pregnancy-related issues such as back pain and incontinence.

We run our Pregnancy classes in either 6 or 8 week courses.

They must be prepaid.

Course classes are non transferable and non refundable except in certain circumstances.

Pilates is so beneficial during pregnancy because it improves: Strength, Stability, Flexibility, Breathing Control, Spinal Mobility, Coordination, Balance

Improving the strength of the pelvic muscles for pregnancy is important because stronger muscles in the pelvic floor region can mean a more controlled and less tiring labour. By strengthening the core stabilising muscles around the pelvis and spine, and improving the breathing pattern, it is hoped that one can optimise the body for the challenges of childbirth.

Approved by all major health insurance

Treatments are provided by CORU registered therapists and approved by all major health insurance providers in Ireland.

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