Eleanor finn

Hi, I’m the founder of Finesse Movement.  I became interested in people’s injuries, pain and dysfunction while working as a gym instructor in my early 20’s. Always being an active person even then I was plagued with back pain and niggling injuries and so I discovered Pilates and the benefits it had to help my body while maintaining all the sports and exercise I was doing at the time.  In 2004 I took my education further and trained with the Institute of Applied Science and PHysical Therapy and became an IAPT Physical Therapist in 2007. All the while I had been doing Pilates to help support my body in the daily pursuits.  Becoming a Pilates instructor was the natural next step and trained with STOTT pilates in 2010. In 2012 I opened Finesse Movement Maynooth and have never looked back.  I love helping people feel better in their bodies.  It is the only place we have to live, and we want it to work from strength and comfort. Originally I’m from Dublin, but now live in Kildare with my wife and business partner Karen, my step daughter and my very large fur baby Cindy. 

Karen Murray

Karen is a Stott certified Pilates and Ballet Barre instructor with injuries and special populations. She is also a qualified TRX instructor, and has completed many workshops to develop her knowledge of movement further. Always an avid Hockey player through school, college and beyond it was through a back injury she sustained whilst playing her beloved sport that introduced her to the world of Pilates. After many years of self-practice and a career in Marketing she decided on Pilates as a change of career and hasn’t looked back since.
“My desire when teaching clients is to improve their posture and movement patterns for everyday activities or sports related performance.” Karen’s focus has always been on creating a class experience that is challenging, creative and gets you moving and connecting both body and mind.
Karen frequently participates in a variety of workshops as she believes “you never stop learning, diversifying, growing your knowledge and finding that inspiration wherever possible”. She believes that Reformer Pilates has a positive impact on your health whatever level you’re at. “Everybody will feel the benefits of Reformer Pilates, after just a few sessions’. When she’s not busy putting her clients through challenging workouts, she is a busy Mum to 11 year old Georgie. She encourages her to participate in as many activities as time permits, and as a result she spends a lot of time ferrying her from one activity to the other! “I want Georgie to learn and enjoy the benefits of exercise and movement the way I do so that she can stay healthy in both body and mind.”
Karen makes time for herself by regularly going for an early morning run, she compliments this with her Pilates practice. Spending quality time with Family & Friends comes very high on her list too.

gael Stowe

I’m Gael, before joining the Finesse Movement team, I spent nearly 20 years in the logistics industry. During my time there, I developed my  primary professional skills  in People Management, Accounts Receivable, Customer Service, Project Coordination and Business Planning. I also achieved a  Bachelor’s Degree focused in Leadership & Business Management. I joined Finesse Movement when I needed to strike a better work life balance, and I haven’t looked back since.  I get to use all my professional skills working with people and helping them achieve their goals. It’s a dream come true. I also get to work with one of my longest and better looking friends, Eleanor. She’s a dream boat to work with. 

Outside of work I’m married with 2 children and a dog. I’ve  always had a huge passion for sport and played rugby for Clondalkin RFC. While working at Finesse I’ve learned how effective Pilates can be to complement this training.  I’m an avid Leinster supporter and if anyone knows Johnny Sexton, I’d love to do a Pilates session with him one day.

Lynda Chalmers

I’m Lynda, and a number of years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, an inflammatory disorder of the joints, that has no known cause. At the time I turned to Pilates as a form of low impact exercise to keep me moving and in good health. I am a classically trained ballet dancer and always have had a keen interest in health and fitness in general. I loved Pilates so much and saw the benefits for my body, I decided that I wanted to help other people through Pilates as well, and help them reap the rewards from regular practice. I now teach Reformer Pilates as my full-time job, and enjoy teaching Barre Fitness too, a fun mix of Pilates & Ballet, no coordination required! I hold a diploma in Modern Dance, a BA in Japanese and of course a qualification in Pilates. I’m originally from New Zealand and have been living in Ireland for a few years now with my 4 kids, a dog and a cat!

Pamela fogarty

Hi, my name is Pamela, I originally started Pilates to help my body deal with the stress’s and strains caused by intense figure skating training. At the time I was competing on a national and international level. I experienced Pilates as a student initially and I quickly realised the profound positive impact it could have on my life. I trained as a Reformer Pilates Instructor and I began to see the impact it had on people’s lives, irrespective of their background or ability level.
I have also spent 15 years working in the corporate world and have always been passionate about all things Health & Wellbeing. I am a partner with PepTalk – the workplace wellbeing platform.
From day one in Pilates I came to understand the importance of Pilates practice. Not only has it helped me to develop strength physically, but also to prevent injuries and maintain flexibility. It has been a positive driver in my own resilience, growth and confidence”.


Clodagh’s love of sport and being outside was one of the things that drew her to Physical Therapy. Her interest in mobility/movement and the positive effects on the body such as Pilates and NeuroKinetic Therapy and drive to learn more about these areas is what makes her a great Therapist.
Clodagh started off studying business in college and went on to work as a Process technician but realised she had no interest or aptitude in electrical or mechanical engineering so started her studies with IAPT while working full time, as many do!
She says it was worth it now that she has been working as a Physical Therapist since 2005.
“I love seeing the positive effects on people as they realise what their bodies are capable of especially those post-surgery such as hip/knee replacements, and they regain confidence!!!” Clodagh explains.
She played camogie for years and hails from a large family that was always supporting GAA, camogie and soccer matches over the years. Interest in most sports so she has worked as a Physical Therapist for over 12 years with various GAA and rugby teams. She’s happiest when outside even if it’s raining!

gabi zlotnicka

I’m Gabriela Zlotnicka, most of my patients and colleagues call me Gabi. I love the outdoors, especially mountain biking, hiking, skiing and walking my dog.  When I was a teenager I was a competitive volleyball player. I’m from Poland and qualified with a Masters degree in Physiotherapy there in 2009 with the University of Physical Education, Poznan.  When I moved to Ireland I decided to continue my education and gained a degree with the Institute of Physical Therapy & Applied Science in Dublin.  I love educating myself and I spend a lot of time attending workshops, lectures and courses regularly to make sure I’m on top of all the best therapy techniques.  I specialise in the recovery of musculoskeletal injury from sport injuries. I love helping people get back to the activities they love after an injury.  I have qualifications in dry needling, PNF and K-Taping. I’m a fluent English speaker, but I can also speak Slvackian and obviously Polish! 

paul Donnelly

While playing soccer and gaelic for many years Paul was plagued with injury and poor mobility. With a belief that his body was capable of more, and capable of being able to function without pain, he began the process to educate himself through IPTAS school of Physical Therapy and Applied science to learn more about the human body, how it functions and why it goes wrong. He completed the 4-year degree course in 2017 and continues to educate himself in a field where research and science is always changing. He is in constant pursuit of modalities to help his clients achieve what he has achieved for himself, pain free, functional movement.
Paul has worked as a paramedic with Dublin Fire Brigade for over 15 years and balances this with his work as a Physical Therapist. He is a dad of 3 humans and 2 fur babies.

Carol grimes

Coming soon!

mairead rooney

I have worked in the fitness industry since 2001. Literally teaching everything from Step aerobics, SPIN, ZUU, strength and conditioning, rebounding you name it I may have taught it. My interest came to improve my over all health was when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis from a young age so I began to change my lifestyle to reverse the effects. I was determined to change people’s views on exercise.  It was as much about wellbeing as it was aesthetics. Noticing some shocking ways people viewed their bodies and constant scrutiny, it was my mission to make people feel great about themselves inside and out.
After years of watching poor techniques and being asked to treat injuries through exercise, I realized I didn’t have all the skills to do so. I contacted my anatomy and physiology lecturer and he pointed me in the way of STOTT Pilates training school and I have never looked back. 
Those of you who have done my classes know I love a high intensity, sweaty number but I am passionate about technique and ”proper” strength not just ‘bro’ strength. Learning your own body, understanding what it can do now and the potential it has weather you realize it or not
 Also a massive fan of a bit of gentle slagging all done out of love.
Myself and Eleanor met virtually years ago in our old jobs and I noticed she had set up herself. I congratulated her and low and behold, I have been teaching in finesse ever since, that’s nearly 8 years now!  
Finesse is one of my favorite places to be. The members are amazing, there is no judgment, no negativity and all fitness levels are taken care of.

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