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The common goal of physical therapy is the same as physiotherapy. To help our patients feel well again. Our training has specialised us to assess and treat musculoskeletal problems only. We work only in the private sector. We are registered under the same government body as physiotherapists and we may use the name physiotherapist if we wish. However at Finesse we like the distinction the name physical therapy affords us. We are a hands on, patient centred clinic.

Yes, we are covered by all major health insurance companies. Always check your policy for the details of your cover. We are usually listed either alongside the physiotherapists, but sometimes, depending on the insurance company we may be listed in the ‘alternative therapy’ section. Please contact your insurance company with any questions. 

Yes, we are registered and regulated by Coru, their role is “to protect the public by promoting high standards of professional conduct, education, training and competence through statutory registration of health and social care professionals. CORU was set up under the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005 (as amended). It is made up of the Health and Social Care Professionals Council and the Registration Boards, one for each profession named in our Act.” More information can be found at 

  • Yourself and a bottle of water
  • We will provide everything else including a fresh, medical grade face mask
  • Please arrive at your appointment time and wait until the therapist opens the door for you
  • Please bring any relevant MRI or other scan reports to your first visit or email them ahead of time.
  • Our appointment are 45 minutes long
  • You will be brought through our history taking and special testing to determine a treatment plan
  • A treatment, with your consent will follow
  • You’ll be given protocols to follow until your next appointment.

Appointments are 45 minutes long 

Our appointments are €65 and payment is made prior to your first visit either online or over the phone. 

  • Yes, we have a very strict 24 hour cancelation policy that is non negotiable. We appreciate that unexpected things happen, you may be late or have to cancel on the day. We reserve the right to charge for the appointment in full.
  • In the case of a no show, we reserve the right to charge a €50 no show fee

Approved By Major
Health Insurers

Treatments are provided by CORU registered therapists and approved by all major health insurance providers in Ireland.
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