I can’t praise you enough – Finesse team, you have changed me.. for good obviously. I can say after 9 months (since i start pilates) that I’m another person; I mean I barely could bend some days because my back was stubborn as a rock, the pain.. gosh was unreal some days, but you finesse changed that stubborn back, the pain is less.. some days i think i didn’t had any pain ever.

I like that hour with you Eleanor.. Karen, when is my hour, my spoiled hour, working hard hour.. when I have wobbly legs, shaking arms, abs in fire but i love it💜I’m feeling super duper in my body; even the trousers looks much fit or even the top on me💚💙

You are the best finesse team, and I’m gonna tresure you forever.

Love you 💛💚💙

Andrea Amocanitei

Reformer Pilates Client

I can highly recommend the Physical Therapy deep tissue massage with Finesse Movement Maynooth.  Having received regular treatment over the last 9 months, I can confidently say that I am in a much better physical state then I was before I started treatment!   I  had previously suffered from soreness/stiffness to my back and legs, which was a consequence of muscle injury from physical overuse in addition to poor posture in general.  These issues have largely abated and I have no doubts that  the treatment and general health advice I received from the Physical Therapist was the main reason for this welcome outcome.  I have received other physical therapies over the years such as Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and various forms of sport massage and other massage therapies, but I have no hesitation in stating that the Deep Tissue Physical Therapy has been of most benefit .  In addition to this, regular deep tissue massage has helped my wellbeing from a mental as well as a physical point of view.

Do yourself a big favour and try this treatment for yourself.   It may take a treatment or two to really feel the benefits but you will want to keep coming back  for regular treatments!

David Cassidy

Private Rehabilitation Client

It was like going into Big School from junior infants the day I timidly crossed the threshold of Finnesse and faced into a Pilates environment I had not experienced before.
There were reformers everywhere, it seemed. A class was just ending, plenty of back slapping, lots of sweat and nobody near my own age. (I’m in my late 60s). I wanted to turn and run!!! But a voice said, you must be John and I never thought of running after that although there were some mornings after a really good session with Eleanor where walking back to the car was a challenge !!!
If you want tough love pilates, if you want to achieve a specific fitness goal, if you are willing to work, then Finnesse and Eleanor is the place for you. I was in recovery from a very serious illness but Eleanor was brilliant in quickly establishing where my strengths and weaknesses lay….pull in that stomach, tighten that core were regular instructions. “I’ll straighten you out before you leave here’ was one of Eleanor’s first promises or was it a threat !!! ‘I’ll get you up that mountain even if I’ve to carry you myself”, definitely a threat, was another. But after six months of hard work and lots of determination I did get up that mountain on my own.
As we got to know and understand each other, a lovely easy banter developed between us.” #Stubborn ‘she called me one day, “#no finesse”, was another. I can’t repeat the easy banter from my side when legs were floating and core was tightening and arms were circling.

But Eleanor is not on her own and has a wonderful team in Physio, Clodagh and top administrator, the lovely Gael.

I would highly recommend her Finnesse Studio to all but especially those recovering from illness or injury and needing some tough love.
Just remember, you don’t go there to be tickled !!!!



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