Reformer Pilates for improvers

At improver level you should have a full understanding of the basic principles of Pilates and be able to perform the movements with ease.  In improvers we challenge the body at a different pace and with exercises that are more technically challenging.  We have many strings on our bow to help any person find the challenge in any exercise.
Where should I start?

Head to the Book a Trial page and get signed up. 


If you have been referred by a Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist, GP or other healthcare professional because of an injury, go to the book a consult form and we’ll call you to discuss your injury and where the best starting place is for you.  You can call us or email us directly either on 01-505-4584 or

What do I wear and bring to class?
You will need to be able to move freely and may also break a sweat, so we recommend comfortable fitting workout clothes that absorb sweat and allow you stretch without any restrictions and also it may be useful to bring a small sweat towel with you and a water bottle.
Do I need socks?
For hygiene reasons we ask you to wear clean socks in class, grippy socks are preferable, but regular socks are fine.
The Reformer looks a bit daunting. Will I be able to use it?
Our expert instructors will take you through everything you need to know in your Beginner’s Class.  The machines themselves are super easy to use, but as you get more comfortable with them and your ability, the exercises get more challenging. PLEASE, make sure you book into a beginners class when booking your first class.
I'm not a complete beginner, where should I start?
Even if you have used The Pilates Reformer in other studios our instructors don’t know you or your ability level, so we ask that you book your first class as a beginner and we can assess where you and then place you at the appropriate level that we’re all happy with.
How do I book in for a class?

Head to our Book a Trial Page


Book a consult – and we’ll call you to get you set up


Call or email us directly 01-505-4584, if you miss us leave a message we’ll call you back or email on

Can I do drop in classes?

No, we do not offer casual drop in classes.  We have our reasons for this.  We are passionate about helping our clients create functional, balanced and pain free movement for themselves.  We believe that consistency of practice is essential in that goal.  We have lots of class packs or monthly membership options once you decide to commit to your goal to improve your overall health & well being.

Do I get anything else as part of my membership?


  • Access to or Online classes at no extra charge
  • A complimentary consultation if required, to assess the best place for you to start, please call to book
  • Follow ups and regular reviews of your progress
  • Home Care Plans to help reach your goal
  • Nutritional Guidance if sought after or required
  • Discounts on Natural supplement Range
  • Accountability for your success
  • Small Classes 10 people in a class MAX
  • Hands on correction (when we’re not in a pandemic)
  • Expert instructors, with over 40 years experience between them
  • Support from an awesome community
  • Access to our Finesse Family Facebook Page
  • Encouragement
  • Non Judgmental environment
  • Fun!
Once i'm a member how do I book?

Once you are set up as a member, we encourage you to download our app (need a link),  this is very handy to book your classes, Physical Therapy Appointments or to reschedule if you need to on the go.  Download it now if you like and get a head start.  Download App

What's the class or appointment cancellation policy?

If you cancel or reschedule your class or physical therapy session within 24 hours of your appointment it counts as a used session and you will be charged accordingly. This policy is strictly enforced with no exceptions. You may call our 24-hour time-stamped voicemail +353 87 7759805 even on Sunday or you can cancel by using our booking system App. 

What if i'm late for class?
Please, if you are more than 5 minutes late don’t ring on the doorbell.  It’s disruptive to everyone else who is getting in the zone for their class.  Another important reason is that if you miss the warm up you increase your risk of injury.  We don’t like turning people away, but we do if they are more than 5 minutes late.  We appreciate its a bummer when this happens, but your safety and our clients class experience comes first.
How do waiting lists work?
If a class is full, you can add your name to the waitlist. If a space opens, you will be automatically added to the class and an email will be sent to you. It is assumed you will take the space you have been allocated, if you wish to cancel you should do so in the normal way.

If you are added with less than 24 hours’ notice you can cancel without the class being deducted from your membership.

How will I know when it's time to move to the next level?
This is done in consultation with your Pilates teacher and they will let you know when you are ready to move up to the next level.

Alternatively book in for a Private class to get a movement assessment so we can direct you into the right class for you.

Approved by all major health insurance

Treatments are provided by CORU registered therapists and approved by all major health insurance providers in Ireland.

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