Our Mission to Keep You Moving

Always, no matter what you do in life, start with why.
Why do we do what we do? Believe it or not, this is a complicated question to ask.
That’s because the ‘why’ we do things usually comes down to a lot of historical background influences in our lives, and when we do the things we do, we can’t necessarily put our finger on what it is that’s driving us, or our reason why.

You have probably heard, I do what I do because ‘I love it’ or ‘I’m passionate’ about it, or the ‘job satisfaction is fantastic’. These are all insanely overused and valid, but they don’t explain why!

You might be more pragmatic, the reason you do what you do is to earn money. That’s practicality, and well that’s just a result of what you do. It’s not why you do it. To discover why requires a little more soul searching.

It’s so hard to describe why it is you get out of bed in the morning, and that’s because it’s not tangible.

Lots of businesses have a mission statement or purpose statements proudly displayed on their websites, offices, marketing material and beyond, we are no different.

Our mission statement is ‘To help our clients achieve and maintain, functional, balanced and pain-free movement, for activities of their daily life’. This statement describes why my colleagues here in Finesse and I get out of bed in the morning. We want to help people feel better.

We actively seek out people who have trouble lifting their kids, or who have niggles playing their loved sport. People who got injured somehow, or who suffer from chronic pain or pain from postural habitual things, like sitting for long periods, plastering walls or driving cars or whatever.

We look for those people so that we can help them regain, maintain functional balanced and pain-free movement.

I love our mission statement; it gives all of us here a common purpose. We all know what it is we are here to do, we all know how to do our jobs well and be effective in changing people’s lives for the better, and it is AMAZING. I love it, but that still is not my reason why…

I help people achieve a pain-free life through the medium of Physical Therapy and Reformer Pilates. How did I get here? Why am I doing what I do? I love it, and I am passionate about it, these are just great things about my job but not a reason why. I’ve also assembled a cracking team of professionals whose values are aligned with mine to do this, as no one person can achieve what we do in Finesse alone.

It’s taken a lot of soul searching to figure this out. How did I end up on this path, and why do I do, what I do? What is my why. And here it is. I, Eleanor Finn, believe that we all have the power within ourselves to eliminate pain from our bodies, through our thoughts and actions.

Myself and my Fabulous Finesse Team here help people do that through the medium of Reformer Pilates & Physical Therapy. We may just be the start of a person’s journey into feeling better and well within themselves, or we may be what a person has been seeking for years. We are here to help people regain, maintain, functional balanced and pain-free movement, without drugs or medication, but with self-care, self-awareness and some fun!

When I was 13, I fell off a bike, since then I’ve had many falls including three downstairs. One, I was small and playing on the stairs when I shouldn’t have been. Another was at a friends house, and she turned suddenly at the top of the stairs to say something to another friend at the bottom of the stairs, she lost her footing, tried to use me for balance, and down both of us went! I was lucky to survive that one. And the third one I was cleaning, wearing socks and boom I slipped, and I couldn’t work for nine months!

I’ve had bad falls snowboarding and cycling over the years, and I’ve played hockey, netball, tennis, badminton, football and more. Generally, I abused my body and guess what? It started giving out to me.

I remember my parents bringing me to my GP when I was 13 after that first fall from the bike, and the prescription was topical cream. I suffered from back pain all through my teenage years, nothing that stopped me, but it was always there.

In my early 20’s when I was working as a lifeguard and swim teacher, my back said no more! I was struck with sudden pain and couldn’t move. I took the drugs, lay still until it eased and continued on. I was in my early 20’s and still made of rubber, right??

I discovered Pilates while working in the Shelbourne Club in the mid-2000s and never looked back. I also decided while working there and watching all the bodies coming in; I wanted to know how to restore balanced movement. It was a dentist that came in looking for a gym programme of cardio and weights that really got me thinking. He was all bent out of shape from his work. And while working with him, I decided that I need to find out more.

In 2004 I registered with the college of physical therapists and applied sciences to learn as much as I could. In 2010, I also studied Pilates to complement Physical Therapy. And in 2012, I opened Finesse Movement to help as many people as I could through Pilates and Physical Therapy, do for them what it has done for me!

Now you know that we can help you, get in touch and tell us why you need our help!

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